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Over 30 years of experience
In delivering services, AML relies on the skill and experience of a team of senior consultants and business alliances providing local understanding with a national presence and international relationships.
Each of our support teams are tailored with specialist skills and employment backgrounds that span small and large business environments in both the public and private sector.
Dedicated Support
Most of AML’s support to clients involves engagement of stakeholders around issues or initiatives. In most of our work, we find effective engagement is essential in gathering evidence with which to craft business solutions, and then in successful management of change. 

Over years of business advisory support, we have developed a range of approaches that can be tailored to the nuances of particular organisations, operating environments and circumstances. These approaches may be directed towards individuals, teams, decision makers or entire organisations.
Asset Management
With certified practitioners, AML offers a formalized approach to asset management that is vital for any business that seeks to achieve maximum ‘Value for Money’ from its capital investment budget.
ISO 55000
A core practice within AML is Asset Management that aligns with the ISO 55000 standards. Too frequently, AML is witness to companies and organisations that fail to realise the implications of asset management decisions at all levels of operations.
Value for Money
Implementing good asset management practices takes time. You need to consider annual budget cycles, competing priorities, and ensuring that assets aren’t being gold plated, nor neglected. It takes a skill set that is not readily available in the market.
In-depth Analyses
One of the main aims of using asset management is to deliver the capability for the lowest overall cost. In practice, there are three phases of an asset:
  • Concept and Planning
  • Procurement and Construction
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
The first two phases are fast paced, new, exciting and get all attention. The O&M side is repetitive, business as usual (BAU), not as glamorous, and always faces the question of ‘can we defer that for another year?'
Implementing good asset management practices takes time. You need to consider annual budget cycles, competing priorities, and ensuring that assets aren’t being gold plated, nor neglected.  It takes a skill set that is not readily available in the market. We are all aware of the construction boom that has been occurring in Australia, but very few even get training in how to manage assets over their life.
AML provides innovative contract management and control process solutions necessary to administer purchase orders and subcontracts.
Tender Development
Including tender documentation preparation, governance, contract preparation, and negotiation.
Tender Evaluation Support
Including probity and governance support, Value for Money assessments and Source Evaluation development.
Delivery of generic and specialist procurement training to individuals and groups.
Trusted tender support from an Experienced Leader
AML offers you experience from a team that has well developed skills across multiple industry sectors and have leading industry knowledge in procurement services.
As a result, we are the preferred provider for clients requiring effective tender support.
Our tender support service includes:
  • Preparation of documentation (Requests for Proposal and Invitation to Tender)
  • Review of your project to gain an understanding of your requirements
  • Bid evaluation and negotiation
  • External analytical studies
  • Bidders pre-qualification
  • Terms and conditions
  • Contract award
  • Analysis of the defined technical and commercial data
  • Analysis of the technical and quality assessment
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Selection of suitable contractors
  • Tender procedures
  • Resource planning
  • Project planning
Equipment Sustainment
From ecommerce to global supply chains, from start-up to turnaround and for many different industries and markets, AML Advisory works with you to:
- Improve performance
- Reduce costs
- Increase inventory turns and inventory velocity
- Compress cycle time
- Enhance supplier performance
- Segment your supply chain
- Negotiate contracts
- Manage your supply chain for success
- Create flexibility and agility
- Gain competitive advantage
How we do sustainment
Lean Supply Chain Management
Lean logistics reduces the waste of time and inventory. It is needed within the four walls of the warehouse and factory. It is also needed in the entire product flow, including the international supply chain. AML knows lean logistics.
Supply Chain Management Best Practices
Best practices are what you need for effective supply chain management. It is not about copying what others do. These apply regardless of your industry or markets served. They show control of your supply chain. AML understands best.
Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
Supply chain risk increases as the length and complexity of the chain grows. There are external and internal issues with risk. AML can help identify risks and find ways to mitigate them.
Too many outsourcing efforts fail. The reasons are many and are caused by either or both parties. Successful outsourcing begins with proper preparation and runs through governance. AML can work with you on any and all steps in outsourcing.
Logistics Projects (Acquisition and Sustainment)
With a diverse background and understanding across government and commercial organisations, AML is well placed to use their experience in assisting you tailor your project requirements.  AML is a trusted advisor in emerging logistic support methodologies, successfully providing Through Life Support Services to major capital equipment projects.
Project Management
Our experienced delivery teams apply proven, best-practice project and program management methodologies. But that’s not to say we’re conventional in our approach.
For AML, a project is more than just a set of outputs and milestones. It goes further than project completion or even a quantifiable output. When we assist you with a program or project, we deliver positive, sustainable business benefits.

That’s an important differentiator for our Program and Project Management services. It means we look at the big picture, working with you on everything, from project definition to initiation and execution, and from business change management to benefits realisation. We can even apply the same holistic mindset and skills to establishing and improving your in-house PMO.
Professional Development
Training, Development Programs, Management & Coaching.
Job security has been replaced by career security and building business skills and core competencies is the number one contributor to success. AML’s Consulting and Training programs can help you and your teams align on a path to build the skills necessary to lead through changing times.
Diversity and Teams
Communication, productivity and performance, all familiar terms; add the cultural element and they all bring on another dimension.

AML can help identify the critical impact points created by diverse work situations. Regardless if it is based on a team crossing borders, or individuals from different backgrounds, we have the best practices to create an efficient interface.
Business Communications
Without established channels and best practices around the way we communicate in organizations, both productivity and performance will be lost, ultimately impacting our competitive advantage.

AML can help refine the way your employees interact through cultural and business lenses and work to establish a better control over how communications manifest themselves at the point of delivery.
Regardless of the definition, organizations who are developing the best leaders share a core set of values and behaviors, applied across the enterprise.

AML can help identify these best practices and then establish them as norms within your company via a measurable and developmental strategy that can be embraced across the enterprise.
Productivity is the way we measure our effectiveness and balance the ROI within people, process, and technology.

AML can help define the productivity ratios best suited for your ROI goals and then help establish best practices to not only meet, but exceed those goals.
Strategic Logistical Advice
Our services are designed to add value to our clients and to deliver measurable results that are sustainable.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients whilst respecting the organisations and environments in which we work.
The content of our assessment and business improvement services is founded on and backed by sound validated research.
AML’s Business Improvement and Support Services
Our services include the development of business cases, financial models, sensitivity analysis, implementation planning, options analysis, and risk analysis. We can also advise on the benefits framework, a benefits plan at the inception of each new project, through to the realisation of those benefits at the point of value capture.

Our Business Improvement consultants are experts in the domains of business process management, business process modelling, process mapping, and continuous improvement programs. We also support user experience process design, from both the internal business user and customer experience perspective.
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