Equipment Sustainment
Equipment Sustainment
From ecommerce to global supply chains, from start-up to turnaround and for many different industries and markets, AML Advisory works with you to:
- Improve performance
- Reduce costs
- Increase inventory turns and inventory velocity
- Compress cycle time
- Enhance supplier performance
- Segment your supply chain
- Negotiate contracts
- Manage your supply chain for success
- Create flexibility and agility
- Gain competitive advantage
How we do sustainment
Lean Supply Chain Management
Lean logistics reduces the waste of time and inventory. It is needed within the four walls of the warehouse and factory. It is also needed in the entire product flow, including the international supply chain. AML knows lean logistics.
Supply Chain Management Best Practices
Best practices are what you need for effective supply chain management. It is not about copying what others do. These apply regardless of your industry or markets served. They show control of your supply chain. AML understands best.
Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
Supply chain risk increases as the length and complexity of the chain grows. There are external and internal issues with risk. AML can help identify risks and find ways to mitigate them.
Too many outsourcing efforts fail. The reasons are many and are caused by either or both parties. Successful outsourcing begins with proper preparation and runs through governance. AML can work with you on any and all steps in outsourcing.
Logistics Projects (Acquisition and Sustainment)
With a diverse background and understanding across government and commercial organisations, AML is well placed to use their experience in assisting you tailor your project requirements.  AML is a trusted advisor in emerging logistic support methodologies, successfully providing Through Life Support Services to major capital equipment projects.
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