We Deliver Practical Advisory Solutions for Your Business in Gippsland
With an established presence in Gippsland since 2017 and company operations across Australia since 2003, AML Advisory represents a safe and trusted team of skilled and experienced advisors. The AML Gippsland Team offers locally based expertise with Australia wide resource supplementation. We offer outcome focused practical solutions supporting your project management, capital acquisition, equipment sustainment (asset management) and management needs.

AML recently won the tender to implement the Victorian Government’s Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) pilot program.
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We are a local entity
AML has provided resources to the Department of Defence Pilot Training System (PTS) at RAAF Base, East Sale, since late 2017. We continue this support through the employment of local talent and to build our brand through the Gippsland region.
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AML is accredited
AML is accredited by both Local, State and Federal levels government for the delivery of business management and logistical support services.
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AML will provide sustainable outcomes for your business
We are experienced at working with our clients to deliver sustainable outcomes that have a life well beyond simply being a report on a bookshelf.
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We employ Gippsland people to support Gippsland business
AML has a dedicated team that is focused on the growth of businesses throughout the region and the continued employment of Gippsland people. When undertaking advisory and project work in Gippsland, we will deliver these services with suitably qualified people, offering further support to the regional economy.
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AML supports government initiatives in Gippsland
AML team members are part of your region and have worked locally on numerous state and federally funded projects and initiatives. We are invested in the best possible outcomes for your business.
The AML commitment to Gippsland
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Local experts supporting your local business
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Practical sustainable solutions to grow your business for the long term
In-depth Analyses
One of the main aims of using asset management is to deliver the capability for the lowest overall cost. In practice, there are three phases of an asset:
  • Concept and Planning
  • Procurement and Construction
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
The first two phases are fast paced, new, exciting and get all attention. The O&M side is repetitive, business as usual (BAU), not as glamorous, and always faces the question of ‘can we defer that for another year?'
Implementing good asset management practices takes time. You need to consider annual budget cycles, competing priorities, and ensuring that assets aren’t being gold plated, nor neglected.  It takes a skill set that is not readily available in the market. We are all aware of the construction boom that has been occurring in Australia, but very few even get training in how to manage assets over their life.
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